Are You Ready For Your New Obsession?

Are You Ready For Your New Obsession?

Romance Short Books

Are You Ready For Your New Obsession?

Are You Ready For Your New Obsession?

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Her Billionaire Man - Erotica Romance SERIES

Enter our characters’ intimate thoughts, and feel their raw emotions as you see through their eyes. Be the ‘fly on the wall’ as you live life alongside them. Bringing you into a detailed world of love, suspense, tension, and excitement while leaving you on an emotional cliff of curiosity alongside imperfect characters, forcing you to wonder which way the story will take you next. Her Billionaire Man Romance Series

Cowboy Love & Mystery - Clean Romance SERIES

From secrets buried deep within the majestic mountains to hidden treasures that have eluded even the sharpest eyes, join these resilient characters as they navigate the delicate dance between destiny and newfound love. But, be warned, for danger lurks in the shadows, and every twist and turn reveals a new mystery waiting to be unraveled. Cowboy Love & Mystery Series

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Hi, I’m Amanda Smith, and I’m sure you remember how my life turned around when my dear neighbour Mrs. Janey died- may her soul keep resting in perfect peace and left her billion- dollar company to her parrot, Boosh, and me, technically. What I thought was a turnaround for the better proved otherwise when I was met with resistance from her grandson, the irresistible Craig Vans. The man was insufferable, and I could not stand him one bit, well except in bed. I told you he was irresistible. His impenetrability was more annoying though and damn, I wanted to strangle the life out of him. I had to enlist the help of Mrs. Janey’s lawyer, Mr. Shaw who served Craig with only two weeks to dispute my and Boosh’s inheritance of the company or step down as CEO, and just when it seemed that I would finally be getting the break I needed, a new obstacle arose… Craig’s mother. 

That’s when things got out of control…

Since Evelyn’s mother died, she’s been the glue holding her family together—more like the only person willing to stand her father’s crappy behavior until Will Denver, an old friend from before, shows up, hotter and richer. The first time she reconnects with the stunning cowboy, he’s protecting her from her abusive father. Their attraction to each other can only grow. But to what extent? Evelyn has an annoying commitment to preserving her family, even though it’s been torn apart. Plus, it’s not easy falling in love when there’s a careless father at the corner, who dabbles in deals with criminal gangs without so much as a second thought. When Evelyn gets dragged into a scuffle with one of the gangs, Will must make his choice. Will she still choose family over him or not?

You are about to enter a complex world of characters and emotional arcs leaving you with an addictive itchy-curiosity, that only the next book can partially satisfy.

Get ready for light and dark to collide, for laughter and intensity to meet, and for unsuspected lustful thrills to creep up behind you.

These are NOT your typical romance series. Are you ready for your new obsession?