Are You Ready For Your New Obsession?

Are You Ready For Your New Obsession?

Romance Short Books

Are You Ready For Your New Obsession?

Are You Ready For Your New Obsession?

Providing A Series Of Quality Addictive Content

Enter our characters’ intimate thoughts, and feel their raw emotions as you see through their eyes. Be the ‘fly on the wall’ as you live life alongside them.

Bringing you into a detailed world of love, suspense, tension, and excitement while leaving you on an emotional cliff of curiosity alongside imperfect characters, forcing you to wonder which way the story will take you next.

Her Billionaire Man


Are you ready for your new obsession?

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From The Author: Olivia Summer

Let’s be honest, I’m obsessed with creating characters and relationships that people can either relate to or love to hate.


But before we dive in, I’d like to thank you for picking up this series.  Your time is valuable, and I know there are many other similar series out there, but you chose to invest in mine, and that means everything to me.


Now that you’re here, and if you stick with me, I promise to make our time together valuable and worthwhile.


In the books ahead, you will find yourself stepping into a world that feels both familiar yet foreign.  A world that is relatable yet also, at times, unpredictable.


Are you ready for your new obsession?

You are about to enter a complex world of characters and emotional arcs leaving you with an addictive itchy-curiosity, that only the next book can partially satisfy.

Get ready for light and dark to collide, for laughter and intensity to meet, and for unsuspected lustful thrills to creep up behind you.

This is NOT your typical romance series. Are you ready for your new obsession?